During the 4th  annual Hempfest and Freedom Rally you will come across all walks of life and all sorts of different Multicultural experiences including POI Spinners, Tribal Dance Troupes. Hoop Spinning, Glass Blowers, Artists painting, DJ’s playing surreal music that is going on with the Mystic UV Laser Forest which will amaze your every senses.  There is also an arcade, Pool and Water Slide with nature trails and walks to enjoy the scenery.

We feature a body painting competition with artists and models from all over New England displaying their art work on a natural canvas.


Poi Spinning FB_20150609_15_53_58_Saved_Picture Drum Circle___ If you do nothing unexpected, nothing unexpected happens_ FB_20150609_15_51_00_Saved_Picture V__213E FB_20150609_15_53_30_Saved_Picture FB_20150609_15_53_25_Saved_Picture